Copy and Paste how to

Learning how to Copy and Paste is one essential skill that you need to learn. One of the most convenient features of modern operating systems is the ability to copy and paste data from one place or program to another. This article will briefly go over how to copy and paste using modern computer operating systems.

When you copy a piece of text in a program, what you are doing is essentially creating a clone of that text in an area of memory known as the clipboard. Once that has been stored, you can attach that content to other places within your file or into another program. This act of pasting just duplicates that text from the clipboard to the area highlighted in the user interface.

Copy and Paste with a MouseThe simple way to see how this works is an everyday demonstration as to how to copy and paste. Open up a Notepad in Microsoft Windows based PC or TextEdit on a Macintosh OSX computer. Write in some text that you want to copy into the pad. Then left click on your mouse to the far left portion of the content you wish to copy. Now keep the mouse button down while you drag the mouse over the entire word or phrase. At this point, you should see the text highlighted as you select it. When finished selecting your area, release the mouse button. Now, look at the upper part of your display and click on the “Edit” button and wait for the pop-up screen. Select “copy” from the menu. Now you have successfully copied the text to the clipboard.

To demonstrate the paste functionality, open another document with your text editor. Place your mouse cursor over the spot where you want to paste the copied test. Then go back up to the “Edit” menu you used before and select “Paste” from the same drop down menu. The text you copied before should now appear where your cursor was in your document.

Both the Mac and Windows operating system have shortcuts that alleviate the need to use the Edit menu to copy and paste data. If you right click on the text that is selected, you will usually be given the option of selecting “Copy” from the menu that appears to the right of the selection. Use the same process for the paste operations.

Keyboard Control to Copy and PasteSome people do not like to use a mouse. If this describes you, then there are also keyboard shortcuts that make copying and pasting easier. On a Windows PC press the “Control” and “C” keys to copy, and the “Control” and “V” keys to paste. With a Mac, you may use a similar key combination, except you apply the “Apple” key instead of “Control” when pressing the “C” or “V” keys.

Operating systems have become so versatile you can copy and paste a lot more than words; pictures, files, and other application objects can also be copied and pasted with the same commands. Thus, learning the skill of how to copy and paste is crucial if you want to use your PC efficiently.