The Promise of Cut and Past Marketing

When it comes to Internet marketing I like to think of the frame of mind needed to excel as ‘cut and paste’. Too often online marketers in the 21st century view method better described as ‘concrete’.

What’s the difference?

There’s a lot to digest when it comes to excelling in online promotion. What may be the focal point of your marketing tactics today may be a bit player in long-term success. Oh, it might still be a useful tool, just not used as often or is used in combination with other tools.

In order to be successful on any given day online marketers must learn to cut and past from their marketing playbook. Use those sections (techniques) that work and combine it with other sections to create a combination that works for a particular campaign.

Beware of thinking that because a technique worked for one campaign that it would automatically work for another. Keep learning and adapting your marketing strategies to find success in promoting your business.

What occurs when you decide to be a concrete dealer in a cut and paste world is your strategies often fail to deliver the punch you want using only the tools you have determined are the ‘best’.

The mental picture of ‘cut and paste’ indicates something that is adaptable and flexible – useful and recyclable. The idea of concrete is solid, yes, but also inflexible and rigid. The very fact it refuses to budge can cause such ‘concrete’ marketing to break down and crumble.

By all means keep pace with current trends in promotion, but feel free to experiment and see what works for your situation. Experts will come out of the woodwork to tell you why one method is far superior to all others, but the truth is the ‘expert’ simply had the most personal success using the strategy they are recommending.

At one time telemarketing was considered a primary tool to gain new customers even if some considered it a form of guerilla marketing. When the “Do Not Call” system was put in place companies had to either become flexible in how they reached out to potential customers or lose ground in their quest for market dominance.

Many of those businesses went online and have worked at finding ways to target customers through laser-focused PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising or email marketing campaigns.

The cut and paste marketer is learning to adapt and thrive in an ever changing environment. This is not the evolution of a marketing species as much as it is simply using instincts and skills to cope with change.

Concrete can’t forge a new path because it is essentially crafted into one static unchanging and unmovable path. Cut and paste can provide flexibility in getting to new destinations using multiple success combinations.

The idea of cut and paste marketing will always be about ultimate flexibility. It will encourage the recycling of ideas while grafting in new possibilities. It will be an ever-changing combination of the potential and proven and will resist the notion that one size indeed fits all.

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